Organic Carpet Cleaning


Many people searching for a gentler way of cleaning their carpets are choosing the organic option of steam cleaning. By using a natural cleaning solution to loosen dirt instead of the harsh chemicals found in other methods, you can clean your carpets more thoroughly and avoid the danger of allergic reactions. These steam-cleaning procedures are gentler on your carpeting as well and will keep the delicate fibers looking great and lasting longer.

Steam cleaning is the organic option when it comes to carpet care and starts with a natural, water-based cleaning solution. This liquid is heated to a very high temperature and then forced deep down into the fibers of the carpeting to where the dirt is hiding. The combination of high temperature and specialized cleaners in the steam help to loosen this dirt and separate it from the carpet fibers. This loose dirt and cleaning solution is then removed from the carpet by a high-powered vacuum, which is the last step in the process. This vacuum is so efficient that it can actually remove over 95% of the liquid used in the process from the carpeting. Because this liquid is applied to your carpet as steam and quickly removed, it won’t damage the carpet backing and padding like other less efficient methods.

The high temperature that steam cleaning provides has several other advantages in addition to cleaning your carpet. It immediately kills any bacteria, mold or fungus that may be hiding in your carpet. Even though these are invisible to the naked eye, they can pose serious health issues if left unchecked. These dangers are more common than you might suspect and are not eliminated with many other carpet-cleaning methods. Additional parasites like dust mites can also be removed when you steam clean your carpets. This organic option will kill these pests with its heated cleaning solution and vacuum them up along with the dirt. All of these benefits are in addition to the carpet cleaning itself, which will leave your carpets looking and smelling new.

Another long-term benefit of choosing the organic option of steam cleaning your carpets is that it won’t leave any harmful chemicals behind. Other carpet cleaning methods that rely on these harsh chemicals will not only pose a threat to anyone in the home with sensitive allergies, they can also leave a residue behind on the carpet. This residue sticks to the surface of your carpet and will collect dirt and debris over time as people walk on your carpeting, which can actually leave it looking dirtier than ever.

The final advantage to selecting the organic option of steam cleaning for your carpet is that it won’t affect the stain protection that many of the carpet manufacturers add to their products. These stain-guarding agents are applied to the fibers of the carpet when its being manufactured and may be stripped off when harsh chemical solutions are used for cleaning. The biggest problem with this type of damage is that it’s not readily apparent right after the cleaning and the damage to the carpet will occur more slowly over time. Choosing the organic option instead will help you keep your carpets looking great without all of the worry.