Carpet Dust Mite


Carpet dust mites are microscopic bugs that can live in carpets and other fabrics that are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

They are so small in fact that over 100,000 of them can live in a square yard of carpeting. They feed off the dander from humans and pets and can go unnoticed in most homes unless someone living there has sensitive allergies. The waste from these carpet dust mites can cause an allergic reaction in some people and removing these pests from your home is the only way to avoid health problems.

The challenge for most homes is that carpet dust mites are very difficult to eliminate. Completely removing them from your home requires the total cleaning of all of your carpets, upholstery and linens. This also needs to be done in a way that both avoids damage to these surfaces and doesn’t compound the problem by introducing harsh chemicals to your home. Since these pesky intruders live in the warm space between your carpet and your floor, they pose a particularly difficult problem for most commercial cleaning products. To reach them you’ll need to literally soak your carpet in these chemicals, which can leave stains and odors behind. Also, many of these harsh chemicals simply kill the pests and leave them buried in your carpet.

A more effective treatment is to have your carpets and upholstery steam cleaned by a professional. This steam cleaning will eliminate these carpet dust mites completely and do it naturally. Because there are no harsh chemicals used in the steam cleaning process, your carpets and furniture will be left smelling fresh and looking great. This steam cleaning can also help you eliminate stains and other problems at the same time as it removes your carpet dust mites.

The way a carpet steam cleaning works is by heating a natural cleaning solution to a very high temperature. This super heated steam is then forced into your carpet and upholstery through a specialized nozzle that allows it to penetrate deep into the fibers where these carpet dust mites live. This super heated cleaning solution not only immediately kills the carpet dust mites, it also breaks the adhesive bond of the dirt particles in your carpet. The final step in the process involves removing this solution from your carpet with a high-powered vacuum to leave your carpet clean and fresh. In fact, this process works so well that you’ll be able to walk on your carpet shortly after the steam cleaning is complete.

This steam cleaning process is very gently on your carpet and unlike other methods it won’t leave any chemicals behind to cause problems for you later. Other dry cleaning procedures rely on the application of harsh cleaning agents to your carpets that leave a residue and will trap dirt over time. Because the steam cleaning solution is injected into the carpet at such a high temperature it can actually help to restore the fibers of your carpet to their natural condition and eliminate tread marks in the process. So if you want to eliminate carpet dust mites in your home, schedule a steam cleaning today to help remove these pests from your carpets and leave them looking great.